Drawpd2TVLDrawpd2tvl: the program for conversion (and simple analysis) of THERMOCALC output files into phase diagrams represented as TVL diagram graphics

Drawpd2TVL is a ©MS Windows freeware that can be used to convert THERMOCALC output files into phase diagrams. It is a replacement for the standard Drawpd program included in the THERMOCALC package.
 The main advantages of Drawpd2TVL (and of TVL format) are:

  • Phase diagrams are more comfortable for visual analysis than standard postscript graphics produced by Drawpd (however, the TriQuick program is required to view and edit TVL files). This is mainly due to easy and fast zooming and panning of diagrams in TriQuick combined with fixed line widths and font sizes in TVL graphics allowing to inspect the finest details on diagrams without re-plotting;
  • You can edit phase diagrams in the simple TriQuick vector editor or export graphics to a more powerful software (e.g. CorelDRAW);
  • It's very easy to prepare animation from series of TVL files in TriQuick and export this animation to an AVI movie;
  • Drawpd2TVL performs primitive analysis of input files for topological consistency (intersections and self-intersections of fields, multi-segment areas) and shows possible problems graphically on diagrams;
  • A number of diagram parameters can be set via the program interface.
Drawpd2TVL window