TieLinesTieLines: the program for plotting rectangular and ternary diagrams with tie lines

TieLines is a small ©MS Windows program for plotting rectangular and ternary diagrams with tie lines connecting points with equal identifiers, for example:
Example of rectangular diagramExample of ternary diagram
TieLines requires another program TriQuick to be running simultaneously. TriQuick acts as a server and editor of diagram graphics.
  The program reads two (or more) simple text files having extension ".tab" which contain tables with TAB-delimited values, where data on separate points are placed in rows. First row of the table should contain headers of columns. Tables may contain empty rows and rows-comments marked by leading semicolons (;). Empty values and hyphen-minus symbols (-) in columns with numerical data are treated as 0. You can easily create such files by copying ranges of cells from MS Excel sheets into a simple text editor like Windows "Notepad".
 There are 2 types of connection lines in the program:

  • Tie Lines connect points with equal identifiers from different tables. They have common seetings (color, style and width) which can be changed at any time. Use checkbox "Closed" to draw closed polylines.
  • Connectors – connect points within a single table. Their appearance can be adjusted for each loaded table separately, therefore it's better to choose some default parameters for connectors (and for point symbols) before selection of files. Order of connectors can be changed using checkbox "Sort by ID":
    Sorting optionsProgram interface

 While simple diagrams with tie lines can be created directly in TriQuick, TieLines allows you to do it more conveniently and faster, tie lines have more settings, it is possible to plot grid of lines.
TieLines is a freeware program.