Blocking archives with programs on Google Drive

Updated archives with new versions of programs may become temporarily (?) unavailable on Google Drive after a recent change in the rules of the service and related actions on the Google side. This is due to false-positive test results of executable files demonstrated by some antivirus services that use heuristic algorithms and neural networks that try to analyze the behavior of programs. Google is now blocking such dubious archives until they receive the results of their personal verification, which can take from several days to several weeks (according to Google). In particular, because of this, it was decided to abandon the compression of executables using UPX, which will lead to an approximately threefold increase in their size. However, it is impossible to refuse some non-standard technologies used in most programs (for example, launching and managing external programs, as well as checking for updates) – which are likely to cause false positives of anti-virus services.
Thus, if the archive on Google Drive is not available, you will have to use an alternative cloud storage (Yandex Disk or Dropbox).