About me and this site

 I'm a Senior Researcher in the Petrology lab of the Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology RAS (St.-Petersburg, Russia).

 Education: Department of Mineralogy, Geological faculty of the Leningrad State University (1984-1988). Diploma work was dedicated to fenites of the Murun peralkaline complex (Southern Yakutia, which is Sakha Republic now). Ph.D. thesis: "The origin and formation conditions of sapphirine-bearing rocks of the Central Kola granulite-gneiss area" (defeated in 2002).

 Primary interests: metamorphic petrology, geology and petrology of metasomatic rocks closely connected with metamorphic processes, geothermobarometry. Besides, I'm engaged in writing computer programs in different fields and of different complexity which help me and my colleagues in their work for many years. Recently, programming has become my main activity.

 The aim of the site is to make these applications available for a wider range of potential users. Some of them may be useful not only for metamorphic petrologists but also for specialists in other branches of science.

 I would like to thank my colleagues Pavel Azimov, Shauket Baltybaev, Sergey Bushmin, Vyacheslav Matrenichev, Aleksey Goncharov, Yulia Lebedeva, Gregory Ivanyuk, Sergey Simakov and other people for constructive criticism, helpful discussions, new ideas and thorough testing that dramatically improved this software.

You can email me at dddatipgg.ru