TC_Comb is a wrapper for the THERMOCALC program of R. Powell and T. Holland running in multi-equilibrium geothermobarometry modes (only avPT+Reactions now). This program can make THERMOCALC geothermobarometry more effective and comfortable.

TC_Comb version 1.1

The new TC_Comb version 1.1 has been released. The most important improvement of the program is an extended support for calculations involving fluid components (H2O and CO2) and cordierite. A number of changes is associated with this support...

Approximation of reaction lines by single-segment parametric cubic Bezier curves

 Usage of parametric cubic Bezier curves on diagrams has a number of advantages if compared with traditional polyline representation (and with non-parametric curves)...

About permutational approach in geothermobarometry

 Let's assume that you have got a great number of micro-probe analyses from a small area of a sample/thin section (e.g. 10 Opx, 10 Grt, 5 Bt and 5 Pl) and are going to estimate P-T parameters using the THERMOCALC and AX programs, or by the TWQ package of R.G. Berman et al. Which combination of analyses demonstrates the "best" (the most closely-grouped) intersections of the curves? In this example, you must check 10×10×5×5=2500 possible combinations...

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