TC_Comb works now under Windows 10 (64 bit)

The good news: TC_Comb (a THERMOCALC thermobarometry front end) is now compatible with MS Windows 10 (64 bit), the programs do not freeze after running THERMOCALC in batch mode.

A few words about technical details (for interested users):
Although THERMOCALC is an excellent program, it is not a perfectly programmed software: it contains bad errors, such us insufficient cheking for illegal operations. For example, if you specified a mineral assemblage with only two linearly independent reactions for avPT calculations, THERMOCALC doesn't check this, proceeds and crushes after division by zero (which is an OS level critical error). Thus, if 1000 combinations are planned for batch mode, and many of them crush THERMOCALC, you will have to manually close tons of OS notification windows like "The program performed illegal operation...". It's a good idea to handle THERMOCALC critical errors in TC_Comb (without passing them to the OS): this will prevent users from annoying OS notification windows. This is why TC_Comb launches THERMOCALC via a small debugger. This self-written debugger contained some bugs (and still contains, I'm pretty sure)), but it worked well until Windows 10 (64 bit), where a different DOS-emulator was implemented (all console applications work under the DOS emulator). This emulator creates new threads, but the previous version of the debugger routine did not care about this and froze all operations. The corrected debugger version follows created threads.