TC_Comb updated

The TC_Comb program is updated.
New features:

  • Checking of database names in TC_Comb.ini and tc-prefs.txt files (must be the same).
  • The Expert mode checkbox (on the Settings window) hides/shows controls for creation and management of keyboard macros. This functionality is not required for ordinary calculations.
  • The Use AX sd(a) checkbox (on the Settings window) can be used for loading activity uncertainties calculated by the AX program (they will appear in the table with analyses) and to instruct THERMOCALC to use them instead of default uncertainties. AX "small" (minimum) uncertainties refer only to analytical errors while "large" THERMOCALC default uncertainties take into account analytical errors and precision of solid solution models (and therefore closer to reality). You can try AX uncertainties to see how supposed imprecision of solid solution models affects error ellipses.
Link to zip-archive on the GoogleDrive