MSearch: a program for searching minerals by their qualitative chemical composition and by the presence of specified text fragments in their names and formulae

 You can use this small freeware program for fast filtration of known minerals by qualitative chemical composition and/or by presence/absence of specified substrings in their names and/or formulae. For example, it can help you to select minerals that may correspond to problematic microprobe analyses.
 The present database version contains records for 4858 minerals and cover all known minerals (approved by IMA) by October, 2013. It is a CSV version of the list of minerals taken from the site of the RRUFF project In fact, MSearch as an off-line stand-alone alternative for this service. This file is written in UTF-8 format and contains symbols with extended codes. MSearch replaces national non-latin symbols by alternative ASCII codes (allowing typing of names without headache).
 The program performs processing of database after every action with lists and checkboxes and shows list of minerals filtered according to current criteria. While mineral formulae are shown as plain ASCII text (without formatting) and without possible charges of ions, you can find the name and fully formatted formula of highlighted mineral in the field below lists; press the small button at its left end to copy them to the clipboard as RTF object. List of minerals also has its own pop-up menu for copying either highlighted mineral name or its formula, or full table as plain ASCII text or as RTF object to the Windows clipboard, or saving table to RTF of HTML file. Saved HTML file contains fully formatted names and formulae, including correct national symbols (like "Ö" or "Š").