TieLinesTieLines is a small ©MS Windows program for plotting rectangular and ternary diagrams with tie lines connecting points with equal identifiers.


osc2xrd logoYou can use osc2xrd for transformation of primary diffraction 3D (X–Z–I) data obtained on diffractometers with a cylindrical detector Rigaku RAXIS Rapid II and DMAX (*.osc files) into standard X-ray 2D 2Θ–I profiles (*.xrd files) suitable for full-profile analysis by the Rietveld method.


PT_Gtrm logo

PT_Gtrm is a program for fitting continental conductive geotherms to clouds of PT points, e.g. to results of geothermobarometric investigations of mantle xenoliths. Models of H.N. Pollack & D.S. Chapman (1977) and D. Hasterok D. & D.S. Chapman (2011) are used.


PTQ_Comb logo

PTQ_Comb is a small program which generates combinations of mineral analyses for geothermobarometric investigations with PTQuick...


XFluid logoYou can use this small and simple freeware program to calculate compositions of C-O-H fluid at pressures from 1 bar to 100 kbar and temperatures from 400°C to 2300°C for many samples at once, according to: Zhang, C., Duan, Z.H., 2009. A model for C–O–H fluid in the Earth’s mantle // Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, V. 73, pp. 2089–2102...


ReactionsReactions is a small handy freeware for generation of all possible reactions between specified substances (pure minerals and components of solid solutions, oxides and chemical elements) with selection of the arbitrary set of linearly independent reactions. This program may be useful for education, for analysis of diagrams (petrogenetic grids and results of multi-equilibrium geothermobarometry), for balancing of reactions involving minerals with real compositions, for evaluation of solid solution end-members, etc.


 This freeware can be used for correction of brightness irregularities (shadows) on SEM images (mostly BSE images) of flat samples...



TQ_Hist is a small program for plotting histograms in TriQuick. Histograms in TQ_Hist have horizontal axis with rational values, bars are placed between the borders of intervals (in contrast to standard ©MS Excel bar charts).